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Author: M. Ratna Singh Category: Language:   English
ISBN 13: 978-81-8266-404-3 Publisher: Mathrubhumi
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Shri.M.Ratna Singh, former Adovacate General was an adornment to the Kerala Bar. He is an outstanding advocate and one of our finest jurisprudents. Though he is not practivind now but his autobiography is luminous learning and an inspiration to the coming generations of law students. I am sure this great book will be popular in colleges and law students. I am sure this great book will be popular in collges and law libraries and an asset to the development of lega education. T me he has been a thrill, a wonder and a creative contribution in the filed of Law India. M. Ratna Singh was a star in the field of crimina law and the art of cross-examination made his a tremendous academician. For generation to come his contribution will be a source great inspiration. As a jurist he was great and the Keral Bar is proud of him. As a criminologist he was our pride and splendour. Shakespeare is not more decidedly the first of dramatists, Demosthenes is not more decidedly the first of orators than Ratna Singh was the cleverest of cross-examiners.
– V.R.Krishna Iyer

Sri.M.Ratna Singh, a brilliant lawyer, who contributed his intellectual and legal talents entirely to the service of the community, is an outstanding personality in the field of jurisprudence. He made his professional entry in 1953 as a junior of the reputed lawyer Sri. K.Kunhirama Menon. With his unique ability to debate and to spt the sharpest details, he soon ascended to a position of eminence of his own.
Some of the snesational cases namely Thalasserri-Pulpally Naxalite case, Sub Inspector Soman murder case, REC student Rajan case, Mark list forgery case, Enquiry before the Justice Putswamy Commission Banglore, Double murder case at Bombay ETC. bear the unique stamp of Adv.Ratna Singh’s expertise.
Adv.Ratna Singh was the first Director General of prosecutions for the state of Kerala and subsequently he was elevated to the autust office of the Advocate General of Kerala in 2001.

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