Book On The Move – A Life
Book On The Move – A Life

On The Move – A Life

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Author: Oliver Sacks Category: Language:   English
ISBN 13: Publisher: Panmacmillan
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About the Book

‘Oliver Sacks is a neruologist, a man of humane eloquence, and a genuine communicator’ – Observer

‘Sacks is above all a clinician, and writes with compassion and clarity… The result is a sort of humane discourse on the fragility of our minds, of the bodies that give rise to them, and of the world they create for us’- Daily Telegraph

‘Oliver Sacks has become the world’s best-known neurologist. His case studies of broken minds offer brilliant insight into the mysteries of consciousness’ – Guardian

‘Affable, affectionate, respectful and smart, Sacks could be the David Attenborough of the human mind’ – Independent on Sunday

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