Book The Second Omnibus
Book The Second Omnibus

The Second Omnibus

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Author: Jim Corbet Category: Language:   English
ISBN 13: Edition: 31 Publisher: Oxford University Press
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About the Book

My India/ Jungle Lore/ Three Tops

‘(My India) is (about) the India that Jim Corbett loved, the India that he explored, the India that he experienced.’
– The Indepedent

‘…(Jungle Lore) is a delight, with its descriptions in minute and often credible detail of the way of birds, reptiles and animals, and how to observe and interpret the sights, sounds and smells of the jungle… We may be thankful (Corbett) for sharing a little of it withus, and for allowing us to accompany him on his expectations…’
– Janet Rizvi, The Indian Express

‘(Tree Tops displays) Corbett’s tremendous narrative skill when describing the wild life they (Queen Elizabeth, Duke of Edinburgh, and Corbet) saw and the behaviour of both the animals and birds and the roayl couple on the occasion.’
-Amita Malik on All India Radio.

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