Book The Legacy Of Vagbhata
Book The Legacy Of Vagbhata

The Legacy Of Vagbhata

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Vagbhata completes the ”Great Three’ (Brhatrayi) of Ayurveda, with his predecessors, Caraka and Susruta. His identity and period are controversial but a major section of the scholarly community believes that he was a native of Sindh, who lived in the sixth centurya and wrote Astangahrdayam and Astangasangraha. The two texts franly acknowledge the authority of the Samhitas of Caraka and Susruta and closely follow in teh footsteps of the ealier masters.

The legacy of Vagbhata is based on a study of Astangahrdayam and employs a thematic approach with the plentiful use of tables. As in the ealier volumes onm Caraka and susruta, great care has been taken in this volume on Vagbhata to maintain fidelity to the original text while ensuring easy readablity fot the students of Ayurveda, medicine and the sciences.
A native of Kerala, Dr.M.S.Valiathan received his medical education in India and training in surgery and cardiac surgery in the UK and USA. During a career spanning three decades as a surgeon and investigator, his major interests were cardiac surgery in children, studies on a tropical heart muscle disease, and the development of cardiovascular devices. His contributions are embodied in a monograph, many scientific papers and a family of medical devices including a tilting disc heart valve which are used widely in India.

Dr.Valiathan is a National Reaserch Professor of the Government of India. He is married to Ashima, an orthodontis, They have a daughter, Manna, and a son, Manish.

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